About Gaby

Gabriela is an accomplished Alternative Therapist, based in San Diego, California.  Specializing in Life Coaching, Energy Healing, and Body Talk access, Gabriela is respected within the wellness industry for her breadth of knowledge and her sensitive and intuitive approach.


Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Gabriela recently migrated to the States to continue her journey as a therapist.  She is on mission to help others navigate through their suffering and to find some ‘comfort with the discomfort’.

Uniquely, Gabriela fuses three traditional techniques – Bio- psycho- physics -Therapy, Bach flowers, and Body Talk access. Combining this wisdom from Argentina, UK and Australia, she helps her clients to clear their emotional energy, freeing them up to focus on what is most important to them. Gabriela is appreciated by her clients for her empathetic and understanding approach and her ability to communicate genuinely with people from all walks of life.

A woman of many talents, Gabriela initially earned a BA in advertising from Universidad de Moron, in Buenos Aires, Argentina and worked as a copywriter with some of the state’s top advertising agencies such as Yahoo and Cadbury.  She has also spent time exploring her artistic senses as a photographer and graphic designer, at one point spending six months as a photographer in Los Angeles .

When she is not helping others overcome energy obstacles, she spends time with her husband and beautiful baby boy. She also practices Buddhism every day.

Her real guilty pleasure though, is camping, without the frills, which reconnects her with what is most important in life – simplicity.